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This section describes how to use the window to add or edit image processing operations.



Select operation.png

1 List of available image processing operations
2 Operation parameters
3 Preview
4 Description

Operation list

A list of all available image processing operations. An operation can be selected by mouse click. The parameters of this operation are then displayed right of the list in the parameters panel and a description for this operation is shown in the description section of the window.


Here the parameters of the currently selected image processing operation are shown. A detailed description of the parameters can be found at the description of the respective image processing operation.


By pressing the 'Preview' button or when a operation parameter is changed, a preview for the current image processing operation is calculated and shown here.


Here, a description of the currently selected image processing operation is displayed.

Common steps

Usually one would select the desired operation and change the parameters until the desired result is achieved. The consequences of the current parameter set can be inspected in the preview image.

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