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This section describes how to edit or create arbitrary structuring elements.




1 Field to edit the structuring element
2 Parameters

Edit field

In this field it is possible to edit a structuring element. By left-clicking on certain cells they are added to the structuring element, which is vizualized by a black color. By right-clicking on already selected cells it is possible to remove them again. These cells are colored white again.


In the parameter panel it is possible to select the radius of the desired structuring element and to select certain standard shapes from a drop-down menu which then can be further edited. Clicking the 'Reset'-button leaves an empty structuring element.

Common steps

Usually the first step is to select the radius and a standard structuring element similiar to the desired one from the drop-down menu. Afterwards edit the structuring element by adding and removing cells in the edit field until the structuring element matches the desired one and finish the editing process by clicking the 'Ok'-button.

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