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In this section the functions of the window to select a tracking method are described.




1 List of available tracking methods
2 Method parameters
3 Description

Method list

A list of all available tracking methods. A method can be selected by mouse click. The parameters of this method are then displayed right of the list in the parameters panel and a description for this method is shown in the description section of the window.

The available tracking methods are overlap based algorithms including overlapping boxes and overlapping regions.

The overlapping based methods work by calculating the distances between the cells in two consecutive images. The distance is calculated from the relative area of overlap of two cells or the euklidean distance between their center points, in case of no overlap. The cell in the first image having the smallest distance to a given cell in the second image is assigned to it as it's parent. For these methods it is necessary that the displacement of the cells from one image to the next is not too big, preferentially according cells should overlap with an area as big as possible. The difference between the overlapping boxes and the overlapping regions method, is that overlapping boxes overlaps the rectangles circumscribing the cells, while the overlapping regions method overlaps the actual cell areas as they were recognized by the segmentation. The consequence is that the overlapping boxes method is faster but less accurate than the overlapping regions method.


Here the parameters of the currently selected tracking method can be modified.

The parameters for the overlapping based methods comprise a selection if a prediction of the movement of cells from one image to the next shall be used. This prediction is calculated using a fitted polynome, so the second parameter is the rank of the polynome which shall be used for the fitting. If the displacement of the cells become relatively big, it is a good idea to try the tracking procedure with a prediction of movement. Usually a polynome rank of 2 works good.


Here a description of the currently selected tracking method is displayed.

Common steps

It is necessary to select a tracking method (Overlapping boxes is preselected) and to choose if a prediction of the cell movements shall be used.

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