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Analysis of an examplary dataset (B. megaterium)

This examplary dataset is an image sequence of Bacillus megaterium expressing GFP from an inducable promoter, which has been induced at the begin of the movie. It contains 56 images taken over 285 min. The complete image sequence can be downloaded here. In addition, a project file (bmeg_project.mat) is provided in the image folder that represents a complete segmentation and tracking analysis.

Applying the "Active Contours - Hybrid" segmentation method resulted in a sum of 2122 cells in the image sequence. For correct segmentation 103 essential manual corrections had to be made (mostly connection or separation of individual cells). The following image shows the corresponding increase in the cumulative sum of corrections over the image number. It can be seen that most of the correction had to be made in the last images where the cells started to overlap and thereby leaving the monolayer.

Dataset accuracy.png

The subsequent tracking ("Overlapping Regions") yielded in a correct lineage tree except two connections between cells (shown in the images below). The colors in these images represent the measured fluorescence intensity for each cell.

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